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Kathleen Schurman is a remarkable woman. She has worn many hats in her life. A journalism major in college, she later worked in the newspaper field as a reporter and editor, worked in theatre, writes a blog, is the author of several books, owned a vegan restaurant where she was the chief chef, has been a landlord, is a medium, an animal communicator, a teacher and a guide to many. She has helped not only hundreds of people, but also hundreds of animals. She and her husband run Locket’s Meadow Farm, an animal sanctuary. She is an avid activist in the field of animal rights and has helped to make people aware of the plight of animals through her newspaper articles as well as the events she has run at her animal sanctuary.

I am primarily connected with Kathleen through her spiritual work in helping people, animals and our environment. I am also a medium and a healer, and can tell you that Kathleen is exceptional at both. In fact, she is very much in touch with spirit, with this planet, with her healing abilities and keeps getting better every day. She understands the animals and understands them in ways most people could not imagine. She is a special person, and being modest, will tell you she is not all that special. Life has not always been easy, but she works harder than anyone I know to make sure the animals of Locket’s Meadow have everything they need. She is also a loving mother and Meemaw. Her family is very important to her, and if she makes you a part of her family, you are lucky indeed.


Risa R.